Do you have a waiting list for mice & rats?


Yes, there is, please contact us for more information.



Do you breed your own mice &rats? Or do you source them from backyard breeders/ puppy farmers


      Here at Squeaks Mousery we breed our own Mice and Rats.

We do not buy mice or rats from any backyard breeders/puppy farmers.  WE DO NOT SUPPORT BACKYARD BREEDERS/ PUPPY FARMERS.

The only time we adopt out mice that are not breed from us is when rescues comes in. We work with all rescues to get them ready for adoption.



Where do you buy your breeding Mice and Rats from?


We buy our breeder Mice and Rats from registered breeders only



Can you breed specific mice and rats if required?


Yes, we can. If you are after a specific mouse or rat please contact us for more detail.



Do you do mice & rat sitting?


Yes we do mice/rats sitting contact us for the price.



Can boy mice live together?

   Yes and No

You cannot add any other boys together that does not already know them as they do not accept other new boys in their territories

But Two brothers can live together if they are from the same litter. But it has to be done in a certain way

To keep brothers living together we will explain how when you pick up your boys for adoption



How old are mice/rats when you put them up for adoption?


Mice are adopted out when they are Six Weeks Old


Rats are adopted out when they are between 9 to 12 Weeks Old



If there are no pets for adoption, what can i do?

        If we have no pets for adoption you can go on our waiting list. Customers on our waiting list get contacted first when there is a pet ready for adoption. Any other remaining mice and rats are put up on our ads here, facebook and through gumtree



Do you provide shipping or delivery and what are the cost?


Yes we provide shipping and deliveries. Please contact us for the prices



Are your mice and rats friendly towards Children, Adults?


   Yes all our mice and rats are friendly towards Children and Adults. All our mice and rats are handle from a young age.


If you question isn’t answered here please feel free to contact us for more information.

Attention Customers

For all our customers on our Christmas waiting list pickup will be Christmas Eve 24/12/19 we are open 9am until 9pm our special hours for this day only. We are on Google Maps

Visits to the Mousery are by appointment only

If you are coming to our store our hours are:


Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun 9am until 6.30pm

Tues: 8am until 11.45am, 4.30pm until 8pm closed from 12pm until 4pm on Tuesday for Rodent Care and Cleaning.

Can stay open later if customers need it for after work time. Please call to make arrangements for after hours appointments.


Please call to let us know you are visiting our store.

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